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I haven’t been able sleep ever since last Thursday, when one of my best friends slipped into a coma. The anxiety and fear of the unknown is crippling me. My brain is locked up in thoughts of her; what she may be going through, is she fighting, is it over? I’ve been praying non stop, barely able to eat. I don’t know what God’s will is in this situation but I pray that He isn’t ready for her just yet. And if He is, I pray for strength for her family, our friends and myself to get through losing another beauty this year within our family. Amen.



Chrisette Michele 

That’s bae

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I keep saying it & I’ll keep saying it… ALL black men are not out there creating life & walking away. There are X amount of good, loving, strong Black men out there putting their children & women first! I promote what I love instead of bashing what I hate.

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Sam Lambert of Art Comes First, at BoB London 2013
photo - David Pattinson

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Hair goals

The fro

look how bouncy and fluffy it is …… he is now my hair crush 

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